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BEMER physical vascular therapy is a scientifically researched and certified pulse electromagnetic field method of stimulating blood circulation in the smallest blood vessels, the capillaries. The capillaries, which comprise 74% of blood circulation, enable the blood to carry out vital transportation tasks: It provides tissues and organs with oxygen and nutrients and takes away metabolic end products, because only if cells receive what they need can they do what they are supposed to do. For example, maintaining health, carrying out healing processes, or providing the necessary energy to do the work.


Just twenty-minute treatments daily, using a specially-designed mat, are enough to support these vital processes. BEMER supports physical healing by sending the body a subtle impulse with a multifaceted influence on the whole organism. This subtle impulse has comprehensive efficacy by influencing the so-called microcirculation of the blood in the body and organs, activating the body’s natural self-regulatory mechanisms towards better health outcomes. 


The human body contains 70 to 90 billion cells that must be nourished, nurtured, and disposed of. Microcirculation ensures that the body’s cells are nurtured and disposed of via its smallest vessels, the so-called capillaries. Microcirculation disorders can eventually lead to pathological conditions, as the body is no longer able to compensate for certain elements and can no longer handle specific regulatory processes. 

Red blood cells typically carry oxygen and nutrients through the arteries and capillaries to all the organs of the body. Typically, as the blood supplies oxygen and nutrients to the cells, they also transfer carbon dioxide into waste products to be processed through the veins and excreted. This natural cycle can be affected by normal aging, lifestyle choices, emotional trauma, and a range of medical conditions.


PEMF technology supports and enhances this natural process empowering our clients to reach optimal health without relying on medical drugs. It temporarily increases local blood circulation and oxygenation to the body's deeper tissues, leading to higher energy levels and increased muscle performance. At the same time, PEMF contributes to reducing pain and inflammation in the body.



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