Mental health diagnosing is undergoing it's most important paradigmatic shift since the work of Emil Kraepelin in the late 19th century. Following the NIMH's* 2013 [1] milestone decision to abandon studies relying on DSM criteria, academic research has shifted to the development of objective bio- and neuromarkers to diagnose mental illnesses. We are bringing these paradigm-shifting methods and techniques into your clinic to enable the assessment and therapeutic interventions for your patients.

* National Institute of Mental Health, US.

At londonSci Neuro, we have designed & delivered high-quality QEEG/ICA-Neuromodulation training workshops for doctors, neurologists, psychiatrists, psychologists and students globally, since 2011. Our workshops are participant-centred and designed by clinicians for clinicians. Our aim is to help you understand the current paradigmatic shift in mental health and make effective use of QEEG-neuromaker diagnostics in your clinical practice without spending years in training or study.
Our 2021 online workshop series will be delivered to audiences in English, Spanish and Portuguese. Please see our course list below and join our movement towards personalised mental health care.
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Hands-on student-centered workshops for clinicians


Step-by-step procedures to enable immediate application

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 londonSci Neuro  offers practical, hands-on workshops that are designed to help participants build their confidence and become part of a community of like-minded brain-savvy practitioners. Attendees use complex software to help them learn how to interpret and analyse their own brain data - recorded during the workshop - as well as data from anonymised clinical case studies.


At our workshops, you will be introduced to QEEG-Neuromodulation 3.0 and benefit from our friendly step-by-step guidance and a pedagogic design that blends clinical experience in mental health with QEEG expertise to help participants develop greater autonomy in their clinical practice. 


Participants have described londonSci Neuro QEEG work-shops as ‘demystifying’ and ‘enabling’. Our presentations are designed to help you unpack complex information into useful, relevant, and practical segments you can use immediately in your clinical practice. You will also experience our conceptual models and step-by-step integration of cutting-edge technology with a holistic and personalised approach to mental health.


Your human, clinical, and professional experience is important to us. The atmosphere of our workshops is relaxed and compassionate. Attendees will also benefit from our considerable clinical and research experience obtained at our London Harley Street clinic and at the Open University’s QEEG & Brain Research Lab. 

















Until recently, QEEG brain-mapping methodologies had based the interpretation of individual data on comparisons with normative databases, with healthy. This approach was both useful and revolutionary for its time. However, it also has limitations and echoes the traditional DSM-based paradigm of returning an individual to the ‘norm’. Yet, only a small minority of QEEGs are, in fact, normal. 


londonSci Neuro's workshops have taken QEEG analysis and interpretation to the next level. Attendees will be introduced to our unique methodological advantage: Independent Component Analysis, or ICA. ICA is an advanced neuroscience-based signal processing method that separates independent sources linearly mixed by several electrodes, enabling practitioners to estimate sources of electrical activity deep in the brain. We are proud to have transformed practitioners into researchers familiar with sophisticated analytical algorithms traditionally used in research academic labs. You will learn with us how to use ICA algorithms in your clinical practice, as part of the Neuromodulation 3.0 concept for mental health.


When combined with three-dimensional sLORETA imaging tomographies, the ICA algorithm enables key correlations between behaviour and brain functionality and the design of precise neuromodulation protocols, giving the practitio-ner greater clinical control over treatment outcomes. If you would like to attend londonSci Neuro's workshops or discuss your clinical project, please contact us.


5-hour Introductory workshops
For doctors, neurologists, psychiatrists, psychologists and students. These courses will help you get an overview about QEEG-Neuromodulation, its logistics and impact on your clinical practice.
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  • "Very enjoyable. I learnt a lot".

  • "We had lots of hands-on experience and positive interactions between the instructors and all the participants".

  • "Very professional, consistent and well-organised. Good relation between tutors and participants".

  • "Highly informative, lots of data and expert knowledge and experience"

  • A wealth of expertise that is difficult to put a value on. Masterclass elements and sharing of expertise. These guys know what they are doing".

  • "Quite a different experience. Very good value".

  • "Exceeded my expectations. A mix of good science, information, humour, practical utility and audience participation. The literature provided ahead of the workshop was informative and very helpful".

  • "I am waiting for the next!"

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